Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just back from Kumasi

It's 9 pm, and we are just back from our eye-opening two-day trip to Kumasi. What an experience! I am sure all the students will have something special to tell about this part of the trip. One of the highlights has certainly been the visit to two health clinics that receive funding from Direct Relief and from private donors. Their service to the community is as invaluable as the passion of the clinic's funder, Agatha, the wonderful woman who has been dedicated her whole life to this project. The students did a little fundraising amongst us, in hopes to be able to help. On a different note, the Kumasi market (the largest open-air market in West Africa!) gave us all a very powerful opportunity to better understand the local culture and ethos. Many more things happened... but dinner is awaiting us, so I'd better go and join the group.


Lori said...

Hello to all GC participants! Each day I check the blog to read about your thrilling and interesting adventures and I cannot wait to hear some of the stories from the past 2 weeks. Pennsylvania is cold and icy, so enjoy the tropical heat......keep safe and enjoy these last days!
Lori Ogden

Andréa Neves said...

It was fantastic to read about the wonderful experience in Kumasi! Enjoy these last days in Ghana!
Andréa e Telmo Neves